Evil like rust never sleeps


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

            The rain and warm temperatures helped lower the stacks of snow along my street, but not enough to give me confidence to drive far along it.

            Our street is a safety value for the local highway, a short cut for frustrated motorists, who insist on getting ahead of everybody else – that narrow-minded, self-indulgent breed of human being that refuses to wait his or her turn, and must find a way to get ahead of the crowd, even if it means running down other people do to it.

            No one seems to notice or care about the fact that we have become a race way for these jerks, and do not seem to mind playing chicken along a two way street that really should be one-way except no politician in his or her right mind would dare propose it or lose the vote of a whole street who want to go every which way regardless of how dangerously insane.

            With the blizzard of Dec. 26, the piles so intruded into the roadway that coming or going along my street was a constant game of chicken, in particular because these guys don’t believe they should be the ones to back up – they have total right of way.

            So I found an alternative route, establishing a fair weather and inclement weather routes to get home each night, avoiding the inevitable confrontations our street brings about.


            My former accountant once told me that organized crime represents the purest kind of capitalism.

            He meant it as a complement, since he was so extreme right wing that he wore a t-shirt every time I came to see him that said “Kill a Commie for Mommy.”

            Even though Palin refuses to accept any blame for the shooting in Arizona, this gun-wielding, Dirty Harry attitude of the right wing won’t change simply because they see their role in the world as something straight out of the movies, shoot first and sort out the bodies later.

            They want to be judge and jury, as long as the people who get hurt most are those that disagree with them.

            So all this trash about being more civil is just that trash.

            Being more civil will mean going covert, and doing the same nasty deeds that they had previously boasted of doing, using a night scope instead of a regular scope, but with the same aim of destroying anything that actually benefits anyone but their wealthy friends and neighbors.

            The fact that so many poor whites sign onto their agenda shows just how ignorant and arrogant the American public has become, always striving not for equality for superiority. They want to be the boss, not the bossed, and they will roll over anybody who gets in their way.


            There’s something very sad about the passing of a generation, a loss of values that once were considered important and noble.

            Commentators on the radio today talked about civility and recalled Kent State as an example of extremist views, claiming that people called the other side evil then, and how we’ve come back to that concept today.

            Evil doesn’t change. These commentators are trying to hide that fact and to bury the discourse so that no one actually looks evil in the face – the shooting in My Lai, the shootings at Kent State, the horrors of Jim Crow, were evils then, just as water-boarding and secret CIA prisons are today. The fact that we are brave enough to call them what they are, and to challenge those monsters who authorized them is not lack of civility, it is what we are supposed to do when confronted with evil.

            I’m sick and tired of media morons trying to play down basic concepts of right and wrong, good and evil, in order that we might all get along very  politely while our agents kill and maim and torture people.

            It only when some nut job like the one in Arizona shoots somebody for real, that we start looking at ourselves and people like Palin, to see if the wrong message is being sent.

            But we shouldn’t bury everything under the rug just because Palin got it wrong and pointed her twisted finger at the wrong target. Evil exists – she just put the target on innocent people while the guilty hide behind her skirts like the dirty cowards they are, packing guns against me and my kind on the off chance we might actually point our figures at them, and say “There, that’s where evil lurks.”





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