A Different Flame




 We sit here, you and I, two patrons of the arts dualing with our stares, sad companions whom destiny has brought here to this lowly lightly cafe in the Village.

 Around us, lovers meet, and embrace, hiding themselves in the shadows, whispering their sweet lies that no one believes.

 We are different, here as friends, not targets, seeking to gardner facts on reality, not circumvent it. We did not come to dance in the flames of our passions the way the others have, tempting fate's fickle fingers until we get burned or snuff out the fire altogether.

 You and I seek to light flames as we sit here, intellectual in our desire, looking to illuminate our minds, not set flame to our hearts, aspiring to give birth to something and watch it grow.

 I do not know who it happened that I have changed from a man who watches a woman's chest as she comes and her rump as she leaves, how I managed to discover new worlds in this flat earth of mine, new riches like you, a complete person, two eyes full of knowledge I still have yet to learn, flickering with new flames, stronger flames that cannot be crushed out by dying desire.




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