Hey, how about a drink?


March 12, 2012


Itís all so strange.

We lose one soul to the elements Ė a new job offer after my working side by side with her for seven years, only for me to get an email from a co-worker who wants to know if I want to get a drink.

I donít drunk much these days. Iím half blind as it is, and so I drive very little if at all, and certainly not at night until I get this damned patch off.

Maybe I need the drink or the company or to feel that old feeling of camaraderie Iíve not felt since the early days of the paper and before that college, when I was surrounded by writers usually who had more talent than I had.

I miss the old days of Andy Newman and Michael Richardson when we had a more literary newspaper. These days we have reporters, but not that special spark that ignites me.

Maybe some of these new people will bring that back.

Meanwhile I morn the passing of my editor, not because she is losing out (sheís getting a job that pays a lot more) but because Iím losing someone I truly respect.

Maybe I should take up that offer for a drink. Can I get a DWI charge for riding the light rail drunk?



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