Not the same


March 13, 2012


I must have watched Back to the Future too many times.

We seem to have gone back in time.

The editor and chief is going out on maternity leave again, and our copy editor will fill in again.

This is almost like that old show where someone gets to be queen for a day, only this will be for a few months.

But Itís not the same as it was last time. It feels less positive than it did. It is as if the energizer bunny has finally run out of juice.

Our Hoboken reporter is also leaving and I long to get the job. But our reporter recommended one of the other reporters as his replacement. So Iíll just keep still and stay where I am, although I have some grave concerns about how things will be down here in Bayonne once the editor leaves.

Itís like musical chairs. You just canít predict who will end up where once the music stops.


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