Pissed off again


March 14, 2012


Mixed up.

I usually yawn my way through newspapers during my Saturday ritual at the Coach House, even my own.

But lately, Iíve started to read really good stuff and itís inspired me.

No, pissed me off.

I saw it start in the fall after management replaced several writers with someone who could actually write.

I hate thinking other people can write better than I can, especially when itís true.

When Andy Newman was at the paper, it pissed me off so much I started to write as if I had something to prove.

This was true in college when people like Roland Perez, Michael Alexander and Michael Reardon showed me up on a regular basis with their submissions to the literary magazine.

In each case, I needed to prove that I was a good as they were, and that rage made me try.

While I probably never proved that, I certainly got better.

I bit peeved in that way now, for similar reasons.

Someone in my own paper writes better than I do Ė again.



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