April 5, 2012


She emails me stories asking advice, and itís difficult to tell her she doesnít need it.

I gave her a book some time last year on how to do weekly journalism when she said she was a little over her head.

It seemed foolish then since her work is as good as mine is.

So what do you say to a person like that?

I send back suggestions and then notice that she has signed her email as ďcub,Ē something I didnít get at first.

I donít pretend to understand it.

Iím not the mentoring type, and her writing is so good it makes me want to compete Ė always a good thing.

It reminds me of college and the competition I felt there, and that time I was humiliated by Craig in a graduate level playwriting contest I got invited back to.

I was writing a sit com, Craig wrote a masterpiece Ė I had to sit through with head hung low.

It took me a year to write something itís equal.

I feel a little like that now, watching someone that challenges me.

Cub indeed!


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