Half guilt


July 7, 2012


You canít ever escape guilt when youíre at least half wrong.

Guilt clings to you like a wet rag and no matter how you shake your foot to get free of it, you never are.

You canít make up for the disaster you cause either.

Itís like the man whose cigar ignites a brush fire, who then saves the child from the house the fire has consumed.

Even provoked, you canít claim innocence, knowing that deep inside you always had this button the wrong person could push and you always let that person push it Ė just to see what happens.

How can you cry foul at the ill feelings, if what we feel are feelings at all.

Sometimes, itís just a roar in your ears, or a hiss of escaping steam, the source of which you can never find.

But you always get burned by it, and rarely by the person you let push your button in the first place.

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