Someone elseís playground


January 3, 2013


A new year and Iím still breathing. Thatís something.

I hear about behind the scenes political manures, of spying on the enemy, and taking back the plans for a new election, phone calls looking for a candidate to run against another mayor, and a number of other conspiracies, inside and outside, over and around.

ďDonít tell anybody, Iím the source,Ē Iíve heard people say over and over when they are doing bidding of one political person against another. Itís a dirty world. We all have to survive. We all live with ourselves in the end, trying to justify our existence.

Me, I spent the last year avoiding things, trying to stay out of trouble, not going any place where I know I can be abused.

I even skipped the magazine party and a going away party and other such stuff, knowing that I canít compete in those kinds of social environments, and so I just stay away.

Instinct tells you when you canít win.

I saw a lot of this when I worked for various bands, where some people just didnít know when to give up or avoid conflict, throwing themselves into situations where they were going to get hurt or abuse, or worse, shown up.

Some of the best people I know got classed down in rock clubs by people who knew how to play that scene better than they did.

It is a valuable lesson to learn Ė when not to play in someone elseís playground.


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