Messing with Time


Saturday, March 09, 2013


This is the day we turn back the clocks and I lose that hourís sleep I thought I got back in fall when we gained an hour.

People complain government has too much power and ponder the drones and other aircraft secretly seeding clouds with chemicals to keep the air wholesome or humanity sane, part of some super conspiracy to which Iíve never subscribed.

I hate the governmentís messing with clocks, one of the few things I agree with Arizona about. Time is precarious enough without government tinkering.

Bad enough we have leaders to collect packs of greedy gadflies, money hungry hangers-on seeking to get a piece of his power or money, hanging onto his coattails long enough to get both before the general public discovered just how incompetent or corrupt he is, and the gadflies are forced to seek a new body to feed off of.

I understand greed for money and power, and how good people will prostitute themselves to get on line ahead of everybody else, justifying their actions by claiming the world is unfair and itís up to each person to grab what he or she can while they can.

Most cheaters lose anyway in a market place where competence pays whether you cheat or not, and if youíre really good at anything, you get ahead. If not, you donít.

But what in it for all these time keepers?

Do they have some kind of government contract for setting the clocks twice a year, or their repair?

Are the battery companies secretly paying off politicians the way insurance companies, public relations firms and attorneys do ordinary political people so that people must change the batteries in their smoke detectors twice a year?

I understand how some people canít feel important unless they are on the inside, part of the in crowd at Club 54 where only the special people get in.

But why do they have to mess with time?


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