Cool change of climate


Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I hate anniversaries of painful things.

Each time they come to pass I feel the old loss, or hurt, or sting.

This is a cooler morning than that last morning I recall, but I go this morning to the same place and know that I will wander it, bearing no lantern in no search for truth since the illumination only makes the truth burn all the more painfully.

Perhaps the weather will make it easier, cooling down the sense of remorse.

Some things never dampen, even in this illusive world of global warming, where strange weather matches strange deeds, and we go on doing what we always did because we have no option to do otherwise, because we are stuck with the primitive tools we learned back in the days of the cave and must live with the consequences.

I got my wish for rain from a few days ago, and now I must live with the cold, change of climate it brings.


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