Shock and vengeance


Tuesday, October 01, 2013



I suppose, although I sort of knew that this was possible, a small town mayor getting bushwhacked by powerful political people.

It is a David and Goliath story, the stuff that people will tell in years to come, how the little man with a sling shot managed to defeat the giant.

We all live through these tales and know that myth-making is often not quite truth, but in the end, myths prevail long after truth had turned to dust.

I already felt sorry for the man who had largely faced this alone, while others scrambled for cover.

People showed up at his trial from time to time, but in the end, he faced his troubles alone and prevailed.

But he will reward his friends and punish his enemies, such is the wrath of God, and perhaps, he was right in some of the things he did prior to his salvation, making peace with some of those who were behind his demise.

Others he will never make peace with, nor should, for there is evil on both sides of this divide, and one should not trade one evil for another, and live with that evil one has become comfortable with.

What happens next becomes a test of character, although where I wind up in this mad race remains curious, since I deliberately avoided taking a side not because I lacked an opinion, or even felt justice would be best served with one verdict or another, but because no side was the right side, and the middle seemed the best place to be during such a storm.

But there will be hell to pay regardless, because with this he and his followers become much more powerful than before, and will seek vengeance on perceived enemies if they happened to be or not.

That part does not surprise me at all.


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