More where they came from


Wednesday, October 16, 2013


They are only clients Ė and so she keeps them in tow, knowing that she can rely on them to pay up each time.

Maybe she has plans for the later. But thatís not been the case in the past, even though some of them have been with her for years, lingering in the shadows, some who she keeps by a kind word or phone call, even if nothing more personal. They are always there, waiting, wanting, and ready to spring to her aid if she needs them.

She just doesnít need them any more, as she sets her sights on new projects that incorporate new people, some of whom become her clients, while others simply a means to an end.

They donít mean anything to her really, and so it is easy to let them linger when they cease to have a function.

There are always more where they came from.



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