Eroding wheel of karma


Sunday, January 19, 2014


For every action, there is always an opposite and equal reaction.

This is one of the basic laws of physics, but also of politics and power – usually involving any conflict.

This is why people need to be very careful when they unleash an attack.

Anther rule of physics also applies: Once set in motion, something will keep in motion unless another force acts upon it.

In our world, things generally grind to a halt because of small things – the gravity of life dragging them down after they plunge ahead with such initial enthusiasm,

It is always small things that stop big plans – as the orange traffic cones on the George Washington Bridge last September may prove when it comes to the governor and his aspirations to become president.

Small things, smaller ambitions, causes friction that without a significant boost of power, they cannot over come.

Another law, associated with this, but not so much one of physics is the concept of entropy. Things wear down and become less than they started out to be – going from order to chaos.

Most corruption, big and small, starts out invincible and well-organized (as in crime) and then erodes until it can no longer keep itself contained.

Most corruption I’ve noticed in my life lasts about ten years, and then collapses in on itself – at fact that appears to be taken place among some of the smaller cogs in the county where I work.

People rarely escape fate – that odd thing Freud attributed to wishfullfillment, where they create their own destiny, either consciously on not, and like an object thrust into some solar system, will retain the same orbit until some force knocks them out of it. Then they settle into a new orbit so similar to the old that it might well be the same, except that physics’ laws apply and that they are somehow less in this new scheme of things than they were in the old, and that for some reason, the lack of thrust they had in their first orbit can’t sustain them. Entropy eventually kicks in, and this new orbit or the many others that they might have been jolted out of to settle in new ones slowly erode.

It takes great personal power to escape an orbit of life once we get stuck into it, and then, much more to overcome the opposite and equal reaction that life thrusts back at us.

Maybe this deteriorating circle of slow, steady decline is what many mean by the wheel of karma, in that we all get what we ask for in the end, and what we deserve, but it often isn’t what we think we want.


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