Fascism under any name


Tuesday, November 25, 2014


We prepare for our first snow storm of the new season – nothing terrible, but symbolic as hell.

Winter is coming, and I’m not ready for it, especially after nearly record-setting warm temperatures that seem more like the coming of spring.

I’m still annoyed by the ticket I got yesterday when I thought I was being clever and lucky in finding a free parking space in Hoboken.

In Hoboken, nothing is free, their whole economy revolves around sucking money out of those who are unlucky enough to wander across its borders, while allegedly protecting those who live there.

And anyone who thinks differently is a fool.

We’re in a time and place where fascism wears a different face, a kinder face, a benevolent face, such as Michael Bloomberg, who decided all on his own to modify society by outlawing perceived bad practices a little bit at a time – no prohibition such as was the case when similar fascists tried and failed to outlaw drinking a century ago – but limiting our ability to actually do things they don’t like.

Bloomberg and his ilk decided to limit public pornography by zoning it, sticking it in particular places while reducing the number and sizes of those places so it eventually would likely cease to exist.

But the real model for this fascistic takeover was the ban on cigarette smoking, limiting first to outdoor places, and then some of the outdoor places, until as with a game of musical chairs, we run out of places we can do what is otherwise perfectly legal.

Bloomberg, fortunately, tried and failed to do the same with sweet drinks such as soda, finally having pushed his social agenda too far.

In Hoboken, we have a similar fascism, one designed to eliminate car traffic – and other undesirables, limiting the number of parking spaces while increasing the cost of fines for those who park illegally.

This is nothing new. The current mayor didn’t dream it up. She simply perfected it, even going to far as to outlaw the St. Patrick’s Day Parade because she didn’t like public drinking (sounds like prohibition to me). A similar thing is going on in Jersey City where a new breed of urban dweller has taken over government and wants to do away with old traditions, raising the specter of cost for security – while promoting its own culture.

It is fascism regardless of the name, social manipulation, and it is sad.


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