You taste me; I taste you


Saturday, January 31, 2015



I let you put your fingers in my mouth

So I can taste where you have been,

Fingers wrapped around me like a shawl,

To rub against me

To rise and fall, come in and out like waves

You taste like the salty sea that comes

And goes, we rocking in this lifeboat

With no hope for or expectation to survive

Living only with the bliss of escaping steam.

You let me stick my fingers in your mouth

For you to taste where I have been,

With my tongue tasting your tongue

Until we both taste it all

This not so sweet existence that comes

With so much strain, this which draws

From us sweat and steals each

Breath we breathe

This which we press into each other

And then withdraw,

Like fresh water from a deep well,

I let you taste me as I taste you

And we come

To taste each other,

And you let me inside you so you can

Feel where I come

From and come

To understand where I need to go,

With this mouthful of honey covered fingers,

This bedspread into which I bury my head.



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