A cold kiss


February 7, 2015


The snow falls on an already frozen earth

A kiss of winter I cannot avoid

So soft I ache to embrace it

Though we know it only lengthens

And makes the ache worse

As we make our way through it,

This is no great storm

I will tell my grandkids about

Just a huff of winterís breath

I will soon forget,

A brief embrace I cling to

A frigid touch that burns inside

So gentle on my upturned lips

I can barely feel its kiss

Or believe that the same hard winter

That brought on the ice

Brought this through the haze of cloud

And the brief glimpses of sunlight

That sneak through the veil

Chill fingers seeking softness

And making me melt

I walk in a dream of falling flakes,

My hands working through

This frail fabric searching

My fingers seeking warmth

I struggle to find,

Needing to feel real warmth,

Teased by this cool temptation,

This promise for more,

Needing it to fill me up,

Touch me from the inside out,

Needing to move as it moves

To feel as it feels,

Kissing it as it kisses me,

Needing to know it all

Before it fades away,

A kiss that comes from another

Warmer time and place,

Dancing before me

Like an illusion



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