Saturday, February 14, 2015


We want it to be sweet

But it rarely is,

At least, not completely,

Like a not yet rip cherry

We are anxious to devour,

We bit through the skin

To learn the truth,

Sometimes we get what we need

From not yet ripe or too ripe

The juices dripping

Down inside us to fill us up

Too bitter or two sweet

It is always hard to choose

Though we soon learn

Unripe ripens over time

While too sweet is the last lap

Before the last gasp

And in this we are engaged

In a life and death struggle

We know as love

Bursting out of us,

Dripping down our chins

Sweet and sour at some time

Leaving us to wonder

How we can endure

The hot and cold of it,

When in truth, the best part

Is the first bite, when we do not know

If it will be sweet or not,

Part of what makes it so perfect

Is its imperfections

The off center rose,

The different colored pearl

The slanted lips we kiss

And know we’ve kissed

For the shape they take

Around our lips,

Not too sweet or too sour

Not too hot or cold

Fast or slow,

Soft or hard,

But just right

This trust we accept as truth

No more solid than

The ever changing universe

We live in, real only because

We make it real,

Solid only because we take the chance

To bite the fruit in the first place

Sour to sweet we take it all in.




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