Jelly fish?


Monday, March 30, 2015


I feel each crease

In the palm of your hand

As it moves over me,

Soft always leading to hard,

As life’s calluses

Wears me away

I am the stone

The sea waves wash over,

Thinking I am so permanent

Or powerful yet

Gets consumed over time

Each wave’s rhythm

Stripping from me

Layers of my invulnerability,

Until I am raw

And naked

With nothing to protect me

And still it goes on,

A ceaseless stroke of salt

That leaves me

Drowning in foam,

A sand crab seeking holes

Into which to bury myself,

Seeking warmth

Seeking to leave the waves pass

Flowing over me

And through me,

Each tide turning me

Into a quivering mass

Of transparent flesh,

I am jelly fish

After all,

Shivering with the subtlest touch

Pretending I am a stone

Or crab or anything other

Than what I am,

Pretending this salty kiss

Does not affect me

When it shake

At the mere thought.



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