Nothing at all


Thursday, April 02, 2015


I tremble

When it happens

When the knot comes undone

And I can finally breathe deep

Without fear of explosion,

The shake and shape of it

And how it fits together

Like the proper piece

In a jig saw puzzle

When it slips in

And completes the scene

I have pictured in my head,

How cool it feels

When first touched

Then grows hot

When struck just right

Like a boy scout

Rubbing and rubbing

Until it all bursts into flame

How its motion is my motion

And how connected I feel

To whatever it touches

All my senses tied to whatever

Space it invades

Feeling whatever shape it takes

And whatever shape the world

Takes around it

Soft or hard,

Hot or cold,

Painful or full of bliss,

This thing I become

Leading me where it will

For its own purpose

Neither right nor wrong

What it must be

And I must be also

Or be nothing at all



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