It tastes fine


Saturday, July 12, 2014



I touch the tip of it with my life

And it tastes fine,

I trace the curve of your lips

With the tips of my fingers

Feeling the shudder

Quivering in both of us,

The quake of earth

The shake we make

With each spark

Our hearts start

When flesh touches flesh

And we slide into a place

We never expected to arrive,

The tips of fingers or tongue

Pressing into you,

Seeking some pleasure

The taste of you

Linger inside of me

A never fading memory

I would not shake

Even if I could

Bound to it,

As if to the earth itself
no quake can shake from me

Tasted your taste,

Smelling your scent,

Touching all of you

With all of me,

I touch the tip of it with my lips

And it tastes fine.



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