Sunday, July 20, 2014


I watch the bumble bee

Ease onto the flower,

So heavy the pedals shudder

Each pink lip flashing

With the liquid light of sun

I sweat just to watch

A helpless voyeur

Taking in each move

The bee makes

So I can later

Get it right

The exposed surface

Glistening with

The bee’s attraction

Each projected point

Kissing the bee

As it plunges deep

To college the plunger

He knows waits

For his busy fingers

To collect,

His face painted pale,

Tasting if not honey

Then something

Just as sweet

In a fumbling, bumbling

Ritual he must

Take part in,

Drawn in,

Sucked n whole,

Unable to escape

Until he has had it all,

And like me

It is never enough.

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