I am always the Voyeur


August 6, 2014



I am always the voyeur,

Taking sneak peeks at your soul

To see whatís there,

Truth as naked as a new born

And just as frail,
my long rough fingers,

Caressing its forehead

And then itís thigh

Trying to squeeze out of it,

The last bit of sweet juice

Before it all seems like a lie.

I have no shame,

I feel what I need to

In order to feel alive,

Throbbing head to toe

With need I can rarely satisfy,

Throwing open curtains

Plunging through,

Laying truth on its back

So I can have my way with it,

And it always lets me do

Whatever I want,

Tasting what I need to taste

Touching what I have to touch,

Letting me rock it to sleep

As I lay down beside it.



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