Vampire love?


Monday, August 11, 2014

The wind weaves

Through the meadow grass

Like fingers through

Strands of hair,

The palms of my hands

Moist in the chill air

My breath near your ear,

The nip of love bites

Always leading to

Blood lust,

My lips brushing

Your neck

Always with the deeper

Hunger for more,

Always struggling on

With the eternal debate

How deep to sink my teeth,

To satisfy this that rises

Up inside of me,

Not done until buried deep

This flesh that seeks

A moist sheath,

To draw in and out

Each blow matched by

The blow of breath

And the moan of this meadow

Wind as it stirs,

This vampire love

Leaving me to wonder

How deep to feed

To sedate this insatiable hunger

My lips pressed against soft flesh

And with infinite impatience

Seeking solace in twin peaks

I can easily reach,

How deep do I plunge

And will it ever be enough?



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