What I live for


Saturday, August 23, 2014



I melt in your hand

AND in your mouth,

A stick of butter

Injected into scalding heat

You cool me

Only just enough

To mold me,

An oozing mass

Of hissing steam

My thoughts evaporate

When I think of you,

I never learned

The most fundamental lesson

I touch heat

And it hurts so bad

I always have to do it again

And still want more,

Iím like one of those trees

Whose seeds pop

When set on fire

I canít get out of the kitchen

Even if I wanted to,

Stirred up on your stove top

Until Iím all froth,

You drink me up

A bit of slip clinging

To your upper lip,

You sip, I drip,

The ever melting man

Aching for you

To melt me

To mold me

Itís what I live for.




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