Lost soul

(date unknown)



I stare into her eyes

Because I care look no where else

And still I drown

Like a drunken sailor

Staggering over

The shape of her lips

Or the part in her blouse

Her curves making me

Swell up like a sail,

Feeling myself driven

By a wind I cannot control,

While I sink deep into her eyes

Despite my best efforts

To stay afloat,

Hearing her song inside my head,

A poor manís Odysseus

bound to the mast

to keep from straying,

and still I stray

a glance down, a wish for a kiss,

or touch of hand,

a lost soul in an endless sea

of my own desires

rising and falling to her tides

as I stare into her eyes,

knowing the whole time

I cannot help but drown

And breathe her

deep anyway




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