Sigh to sigh


(date unknown)



I watch you watch me

As I started at the top

The first button

Popping open

Between my thumb

And forefinger

You do not ask

Where I am going,

The road map

Is clearly marked,

The first followed

By the next

Until it opens

Before me

Like a gate,

And still you watch

Wide-eyed like a doe

But not naÔve

We have come

This way before

If not together,

Our need mingling

With the heat

So we both sweat,

Your eyes like

A temperature gauge

Telling me exactly

When Iím getting warm,

Moisture on your brow

As my fingers feel

The soft landscape,

Circling the tips

Of these twin peaks,

A glorious explorer

Lacking any sense

Of shame

Pushed on

By my own

Rise thermometer

Until the heat threatens

To blow its top off

I watch your eyes

Watch mine

As I breathe into you,

Eye to eye,

Mouth to mouth,

Thigh to thigh,

Sigh to sigh



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