Friday, September 19, 2014


I bleed you

With both eyes

Not wounded

But scorched

The way

All mortal men

Get when looking

At a god

Sweet Athena

Infecting every
inch of me

no ointment

Oozed over
my tight skin

Can bring

Lasting relief

The ache

Is too deep

To reach


Of how far

I go

Each inch

More than a mile,

A huffing and puffing

Plunge into the dark

And no piece

Of mushroom

And shrink me

As the world grows

Rigid around me,

But I bleed

Even from a distance

One glance

And I singe my soul

And bubble up inside

Bleeding from every

Orifice, especially

My eyes

Crying out of joy

The way all mortal men

Must when they see

What is utterly forbidden

And always lethal

Yet always lusted


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