Ah Carol


Saturday, September 20, 2014


She sat on my knee at 23

Short skirt hiding the lap

She rode like a steed,

As she rubbed my leg

between her thighs,

an old Chuck Berry

Rolling Stones song

Reverberating in my head,

She pretending to be

A little girl seated

On her daddy’s lap

While glancing over

Her shoulder at me

Laughing, talking

With a mutual friend

Pretending not to notice

My growing need,

Looking my way

Just enough to

Turn me into butter

She knew she churned,

All of me oozing

Out of me

Turning me

Inside out,

A wax man ignited

From within

By her rubbing

Of sticks,

An internal flame

I could not extinguish

Until she stopped,

An eternal anguish

I feel even

All these years later,

So near and yet

Not near enough,

Always on the edge of it

As she came close

And then moved away,

Each stroke stoking

The fire as to make it

All the hotter,

Until she was certain

She had seen every

Drop ooze out of me

And then, only then,

Did she smile.

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