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While Albie didnít mean to lead Boxer and his gang to me under the rail bridge

Thatís what he did.

Boxer wasnít brave enough to come in after me.

So he sent Albie instead.

To tell me, Boxer wanted to beat me up

I always figured as my older brother, Albie ought to protect me

So did Poppa

Albie didnít see a point in fighting

I called it cowardice

He called it common sense

Albie blamed me for making Boxer want to beat me up

He said I acted high and mighty

I said I wouldnít let Boxer pick on me the way he did everybody else

Albie said thatís the way things are in the old neighborhood

We lived in Lodi then

Lodi was a rough place

A beehive of Italian Immigrants shoved together in a landscape of mutual need

I hung out under the arch of an old railway bridge because I wanted to be alone

I always felt restless

And wished I could escape Lodi

The way Frank Sinatra had escaped Hoboken

Maybe if Poppa had let me join the army at 16

I might have turned out all right.

By the time I came of age,

The war was over and the Army didnít want me.

Albie said Boxer was boss and I should learn to accept that fact

I said Boxer was boss only because he had his gang around him all the time.

Without the gang, Boxer was as big a wimp as Ablie was.

Albie said Boxer wanted me to come out from under the tracks and take my lumps

I said we could lick Boxer and his gang if we did it together.

Albie said if I apologized Boxer wouldnít beat me up as bad

I knew that if I let Boxer beat up Albie, Poppa would kill me.

So I went out and took my lumps.

But all these years later, I still havenít forgiven Albie.


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