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All these years later I still remember that one man

That slow motion train wreck who professed to be my companyís delivery man

Who couldnít managed to arrived on time even for his own disaster




VOICE OVER: He haunted me daily, but never so much as on Fridays when we needed deliveries made for weekend sales


CECIL: It that Idiot in yet?


KENNY: Not yet, Mr. Cecil


CECIL: This makes three days this week, doesnít it?


KENNY: Three days in a row. Four for the week. But he came in on time on Tuesday.


CECIL: Did you call him?


KENNY: I do every day


CECIL: Did you remind him that this is Friday. And that we need him early on Fridays?


KENNY:† I told him how we lose money if the stores donít get their paint on time for the weekend.




KENNY: He said ďOkay.Ē


CECIL: Thatís all he said?


KENNY: Thatís what he always says.


CECIL: Why donít you get him another call to see whatís holding him up.


KENNY: Iíd rather not, Mr. Cecil


CECIL: Are you afraid to call him?


KENNY: Itís hard to explain.


CECIL: Then give me the phone, Iíll call.





VOICE OVER: Yet confronting him felt like I was confronting an earthquake, I never knew where to start


CECIL: Hello?

††††††††††† Is that you, Garrick, my boy?

††††††††††† Didnít Kenny tell you I needed you in early today?

††††††††††† Whatís that?

††††††††††† Iím sorry to hear about your stubbed toe.

††††††††††† Can you walk?

††††††††††† Can you drive?

††††††††††† Then can I expect you in soon?






CECIL: He said he snagged a toe and had to bandage it.


KENNY: But is he coming in?


CECIL: He says he is?


KENNY: When?


CECIL: He said he was just leaving.


VOICE OVER: Yet waiting on him was like waiting for the next drip to drop from an aggravatingly slow dripping faucet. You knew the drip would come, but not precisely when.


04-05 arrival


VOICE OVER: When he finally arrived, he enveloped me before I even know I was involved


GARRICK: Is something wrong?


CECIL: Do you know what day this is?


GARRICK: Pay day?


CECIL: Itís Friday!


GARRICK: Then it is pay day.


CECIL: You do know youíre supposed to be in early on Fridays.




CECIL: Where are you going now?


GARRICK: Breakfast.




GARRICK: I always have breakfast before I start work.


CECIL: All right. Have your breakfast. But I want you on the road the moment you punch in. Is that clear?




VOICE OVER: Talking to him, of course was like talking to a storm cloud. I could feel something potent there, but could never lay my hands on it. So I watched him eat. For all of Garrickís bulk, he seemed prissy in his precise habits, laying out his meal as if The Last Supper.



06-07 Breakfast


VISUAL: Garrick goes into lunch room, pulls out a chair, sits, unfolds the top of his paper bag, pulls a paper wrapped sandwich out, a cardboard container with coffee, an oversized muffin, a bottle of Snapple, a napkin, salt and pepper packets, placing each in a specific place and eats while he reads his newspaper


VOICE OVER: So locked into ritual, a martyr seemed less dedicated.


CECIL: Timeís up, Garrick




VISUAL: Garrick goes through a similar routine to pickup his stuff then goes towards the bathroom




CECIL: Where are you going now?


GARRICK: To the toilet


CECIL: No way, youíve wasted enough time. Go when you get on the road


GARRICK: But it could be a long drive and the truckís springs arenít what they ought to be and if I get caught in trafficÖ


CECIL: All right! Use the toilet. Iíll give you five minutes.


VOICE OVER: Perhaps I thought I might earn sainthood for the patience I possessed, poised outside, listening to even the remotest sounds of progress. Time passed.


CECIL: Timeís up, Garrick




SOUND: (Flush of toilet, squeak of shoes, snap of a latch, watering running, paper towel dispenser


09 emergence


VOICE OVER: To see him emerge was like seeing someone rise from the grave, leaving me grateful to have witnessed it.


CECIL: Are you ready now?




CECIL: Wonderful. Now get to work.




10 -11 Office


VOICE OVER: Arming a knight seemed simple in comparison. So wearying was this effort that I went to my office to rest


12-13 ghost


VOICE OVER: †No spirit could have spooked me more than seeing him pass outside my window.


CECIL: Kenny!!!!


KENNY: (rushing in) What is it Mr. Cecil.


CECIL: (pointing at the window) It was him.


KENNY: Garrick?


CECIL: He just walked passed.


KENNY: But why would he do that? Thereís nothing up there but a shoe repair store and a gas station.


CECIL: Why does Garrick do anything?


VOICE OVER: Nothing, of course, prepared me for the call when it came.


SOUND: The telephone rings Ė Cecil snatches it up.


CECIL: (speaking into the phone)

††††††††††† Where are you?

††††††††††† Why did you go to the gas station?

††††††††††† If you needed gas, why didnít you bring the van?

††††††††††† You donít need an appointment to purchase gasoline.

††††††††††† Obviously you didnít know that.

†So come back, load the truck and Iíll give you money for gas.


14 take him


(Slams down the phone, then to Kenny)


VOICE OVER: After that I wanted no more of him


CECIL:†††††† Do you think he does this on purpose?


KENNY:† On purpose? Why would he do that?


CECIL: To drive me crazy. You deal with him. Make sure he gets the van out. If I see him again, Iím liable to murder him.


KENNY: Right


15 Heís back


VOICE OVER: Just when I thought I was rid of him, he meandered into the office again


GARRICK: You forgot to give me money forÖ


CECIL: (shouting) Out. I donít want to hear it. Just go do your job!






VOICE OVER: I didnít pay any attention to the ringing phone until Kenny shouted.


KENNY: Mr. Cecil. Itís Garrick. He says heís run out of gas


17 end


VOICE OVER: Now, these many years later, I miss Garrick most


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