Confession of a pervert hunter

(For Chloe!x, the cyber cop)


I know how disgusting it seems for someone like me to hunt for perverts on the internet.

††††††††††† But someone has to protect those vulnerable young impressionable girls who spend most of their lives there.

††††††††††† And while I feel God has given me the duty to root out such evil, I am only human and must rely on my vigilance in prowling the internetís chat rooms to catch up with fiends like this.

††††††††††† Oh, and he is such a sly devil, too.

††††††††††† He knows every pocket where our precious children gather.

††††††††††† He knows how easily he can pervert the innocent urges of our children to feed his insatiable appetite, and could care less that God is watching.

††††††††††† To catch his kind, I had to learn to think like him, to imagine what he imagines, and God Ė fortunately Ė has given me the insight to do this.

††††††††††† Sometimes, I feel like deep sea fisherman feeding my line to the internetís deep see, my fingers feeling for the pulse of his desire through the waves.

††††††††††† But perverts donít just jump out at you.

††††††††††† They know never to talk too openly in public rooms.

††††††††††† Instead, they lure our sweet young girls into private conversations were they unleash their filth.

††††††††††† Lacking Godís all knowing, I had to resort to more devious devices to catch him, using photographs and text messages into deceiving him into believing I am one of those vulnerable young girls.

††††††††††† But oh, how wary those perverts are, always inching into conversations with me, hoping to feel me out before they take the plunge. His kind doesnít often believe my fake photographs are real. Evil people can even sense the Hand of God guiding my hand, and rush off to avoid me.

††††††††††† Often, I am required to chase him, sending him message after message to help activate his natural perversion, giving him hints and suggestions with the hopes one hook may take so I can reel him in and administer the wrath of God he so rightly deserves.

††††††††††† But as they say, patience is a virtue.



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