Senate hearing


Although you called me here, Senator, I came for my own reasons.

You thought you could embarrass me, try to show me up for being some kind of fanatic. Itís what liberals like you do when youíre confronted with powerful men like me.

But all you and all those dead beat welfare people, illegal aliens and all those senile senior citizens want is to get your greedy fingers on the national defense budget when we need that money to buy new weapons to protect our nation.

I know you people think weíre bigots because we think weíre better than all those parasites you represent.

Yes, senator, I admit you and an impressive war record in Vietnam, and maybe you know a thing or two about fighting for your country.

But when we needed to throw those people off the welfare rolls, you voted against us. And now you want to stop us when we want to get rid of free food for kids in school and dump medical care for senior citizens along with the rest of the programs that give our precious tax dollars to pathetic beggars.

How can we protect America if we donít keep upgrading our weapons systems?

We canít afford to feed the needy and pay the defense contractors, too.

Yes, Senator, I do think Iím superior to them because I earn my money and those people donít.

Sure I had a better upbringing. No, my parents werenít drug addicts.† I admit my house didnít vanish with hurricane Katrina.

Thatís no reason why my money should go into their pockets.

Yes, I consider you a traitor, Senator, for voting against the war in Iraq.

I believe anyone who is against the war is helping the enemies of our nation, and should be charged with a crime.

Even if it is true the terrorists attacked the World Trade Center because our B-1 bombers killed 100,000 Iraqis in the 1991, I believe 2,900 American lives is worth more than all the Iraqis and others we have killed over seas.

I also admit that we already have much more sophisticated weapons than any of our enemies have.

We have cruise missiles, while the Iraqis have the missiles we sold them when they fought Iran for us back in the 1980s

We have M-1 tanks and Humvees, and they have the old cars we dumped onto their market when we couldnít sell them to Americans anymore.

We have night vision, satellite tracking, a fleet of ships off the coasts and air superiority Ė but they have car bombs Ė and believe me we need new weapons if we expect to overcome their weapons superiority.

What steps would I take if I had a free hand?

Iím glad you asked, Senator.

First, I would get rid of all the people like you from Congress, people who donít have their heart and soul behind our war effort.

I would put an end to all social programs that hands out tax payerís money to pathetic people who arenít worth a damn anyway.

Let them find jobs. Let them earn their keep. And if they canít, let them beg in the street.

Then I would take all the money and give it to the defense department to come up with an even more effective weapon against our enemies, something that will wipe them all out this time so that no one will be left to strike back the way they did on 9/11.

With all of them dead, then we could take all the oil we want, so that Americans can waste as much gas as well like without having to pay through the nose for it Ė or at least make American oil companies rich if they do pay.

Yes I am frustrated by the fact that welfare people, senior citizens and others have the same right to vote as we do, and that when they vote they tend to put liberals like you into office so they can keep stealing our tax dollars any time a hurricane hits or their kids have a medical emergency or some senior somewhere needs extra medicine to stay alive.

All those TV images of starving kids and people like homeless by natural disasters have turned Americans soft. People want the government to do everything.

Some people have actually questioned why we send so much on bombs overseas when we have so many pathetic people here in need.

Or why we need to spy on our own citizens when we claim we are protecting them from terrorists?

Yes, I admit we already had the best spy network in the world before 9/11, and still couldnít protect those who died on that day.

But I think saying we ignored the evidence of an attack is just a liberal trick to question why we have the inherent right to rule and why we should control all the worldís natural resources.

The truth is some people should not have the right to vote, such as anybody on welfare or any senior citizen collecting social security.

Those votes are just votes to keep them on the governmentís teat.

While I admire your war record, Senator, your voting record in the senate is nothing short of treachery.

Yes, I believe the White House should have the right to tell you how to vote, and should be able to get rid of judges who rule against what we see as best for the nation.

I also think that we should have a loyalty test that determines who is good enough to vote and who is not.

Of course, when we suggested this oath, every radical took to the streets to protest and jelly livered liberals like you panicked and refused to give the President the powers he needed.

And that only feeds the perception in the rest of the world that Americans donít support the troops.

It makes us look small when we all know we are very, very strong.

It is this belief in our natural superiority that makes The President take this drastic step in declaring a national state of emergency and imposing marshal law. This of course will allow us to keep the radicals on the street from eroding the worldís perception of our power, not to mention will give the president the power to arrest liberals like you who oppose him.

That is why we have the troops here and why their guns are pointed at you and your associates.

All of you are under arrest for treason.


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