SCENE: Inside a suburban home Ė door bell rings


NICK: (opens the door:


GEORGE (pushes into the room accompanied by Frank and a swat team) Nicolas Barrens?


NICK: (in a weak voice) Yes?


FRANK: Youíre under arrest (pulls out cuffs)



NICK: For what?



GEROGE: Youíre a suspected terrorist


NICK: But Iím only a high school student


GEORGE: Donít give us lip, boy, youíll get your chance to talk when we get you downtown.


NICK: I need to call my mother at work.


GEORGE: Youíll call no one.


NICK: But I have a right toÖ


GEORGE: Under the patriot act you have no rights. Bring him along, Frank.


FRANK: I think we should let the boy call his mother, George.


GEORGE: No way. Heís a terrorist suspect.


FRANK: But heís only 17.


GEORGE: Seventeen year olds can kill. Remember Vietnam? Those kids were half his age and they blew GI s up.


NICK: Can you tell me what I did?


GEORGE: I told you to shut up, boy, and I mean it.


NICK: But I didnít do anything that I know of.


GEORGE: Nothing short of planning to murder your teachers.


NICK: What?


GEORGE: We have the emails, boy.


NICK: Emails? You mean my messages to Billy?


GEORGE: Thatís right. Heís in custody, too. As are all the others the message reached. Youíre a whole terrorist network.


NICK: I didnít mean anything. I was just blowing off steam for flunking a test.


GEORGE: So you wanted to kill some teachers?


NICK: Sure. Donít you say stupid things when youíre upset?


GEORGE: I donít plot to kill people. And the teacher wasnít the only one.


NICK: If you mean my message about getting even with Rocco and his gang, youíd be upset if you got picked on by that bully day after day.


GEORGE: You said you would buy a guy and shoot him.


NICK: I said if nobody at school was going to stop Rocco then maybe those who us he picks on would have to defend ourselves.


GEORGE: Thatís terrorism, boy, and youíll pay dearly for it.


NICK: Youíre crazy. Iím not a terrorist. I want to talk to my mother. I want to talk to a lawyer.


GEORGE: Youíll get to talk to neither as long as this is treated as terrorism


FRANK: George, the boy ought to tell his mother we have him other wise she may think someone kidnapped him.


GEORGE: You, too? Whatís this country coming to when a cop wonít obey orders?


FRANK: Heís a boy, George


GEORGE: Some of the pilots on the 9/11 planes were boys, too. Or have you forgotten 9/11?



FRANK: I havenít forgotten 9/11. But weíre not hoodlums. We canít just grab a kid off the street and not tell anybody.


GEORGE: We have to. For security reasons. Who can tell who else is involved with this terrorist network, and if they know wereí onto them, they might pull another 9/11.


FRANK: Weíre talking about the boyís mother.


GEORGE: Yes, we are. How do we know if sheís not involved. After all, didnít she raise this terrorist? Come on, boy. We have a nice dark cell for you, right next to Bin Ladenís.


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