Sam Snoop vs. killer jaws


(This is script to my next video Ė Iím trying to make it no longer than 10 minutes which means using minimum shot sequences Ė we shall see)



SCENE 1: Surfers

Surfers go out into rough oceans. One gets isolated and is attacked by a shark.



SCENE 2: sheriff on beach


The sheriff looks over the remains and is clearly upset. Crowd around him is restless.



RESIDENT #1 This makes four times, Sheriff? Are you going to call in somebody or what?


SHERIFF: I have called several times. State and federal people got enough on their plate worrying over terrorists. Sharks donít matter


RESIDENT #2 Then youíll have to find someone else to call.



††††††††††† †††††† But itís not the shark Iím worried about.


RESIDENT #1: What do you mean, sheriff?


SHERIFF: Thereís something queer about all this. But I think I know someone I can call about it.




SCENE 3: Sam Snoop picks up the ringing phone in his office.



SNOOP: Snoop here.


SHEIRFF: Itís me, Sam. You remember, Sam Dart?


SNOOP: How can I forget the best partner I ever had. Howís the sheriffing business?


SHERIFF: Confusing. I need you to come down here.


SNOOP: The Jersey Shore? No way.


SHERIFF: Still scared of the ocean, Sam?


SNOOP: Scared is the wrong word


SHERIFF: well, youíre going to have to get over it. I need you down here. Youíre the only one who can solve this case.


SNOOP: All right, Iíll do it for you. But donít expect me to become no life guard.



SCENE 4: Driving into the shore


SNOOP (VOICE OVER) I felt the old tension as soon as I smelled salty air.

††††††††††† You donít nearly drown as a kid and get over it easily.

††††††††††† While this wasnít Coney Island Beach, a beach was a beach and the ocean was behind it.



SCENE 5: (Sheriffís office)


SNOOP: Sharkís attack people all the time. So why drag me here?


SHERIFF: Itís the pattern of attacks. Iíve never see anything like it.


SNOOP: The last victim was a surfer. Whatís so strange about that?


SHERIFF: He was the son of a local businessman connected to a redevelopment project.




SHERIFF: the first victim was an old woman who refused to sell her property. The fish nabbed her near the dock.


SNOOP: So itís a coincidence.


SHERIFF: Except for the fact that another of the victims was a woman reporter who started asking too many questions about the project. She was walking barefoot in the surf when the shark dragged her in.


SNOOP: Okay, thatís suspicious. What about other victims?


SHERIFF: One other. A book keeper for the city got chopped up fishing the night after he told the city council he had some questions about the financing.



††††††††††† Any theories?


SHERIFF: Just that there seems to be one person behind the whole redevelopment nobody is willing to talk about.


SNOOP:† Fine, letís go find the bastard. The sooner we get him the sooner I can get back to civilization.



SCENE 6: (Snoop in a phone booth)



SNOOP: Hey doc, we got a situation with a shark down here.


JACOBS: Iím a busy man, Sam. I can recommend someone.


SNOOP: This shark appears to attack on command.


JACOBS: Iíll be there as soon as possible.



SCENE 7: (old house)


GRANDSON: You two are a little too late.


SNOOP: How do you figure?


GRANDSON: The cityís already used eminent domain to take my grandmotherís property.


SHERIFF: You mean theyíre moving ahead with the project?


GRANDSON: So it would seem.



SCENE 8: (city accounting office)


BROTHER: Are you two crazy coming here like this?

SHERIFF: Weíre only trying to find out the truth.


BROTHER: Not from me you donít. Iíve already lost a brother to this. You want me to lose job, too?


SNOOP: Has someone threatened you?


BROTHER: You donít think my brotherís dying was warning enough. Go ask Brinkman. He was a member of the corporation.






SHERIFF:† What exactly are you looking for?


SNOOP: (TURNING THE PAGES OF NEWSPAPER BOOK) clues in the reporterís stories that made someone kill here.

††††††††††† From these stories it seems the corporation bought up a lot of property, including an old military base.




SNOOP: Townhouse developers usually donít buy remote locations.

Someone wants some private to hide his activities.

Letís go talk to Brinkman.



SCENE 10 (Business office)


BRINKMAN: Iím not part of that outfit anymore.


SNOOP: But you know what they were up to.


BRINKMAN: I know nothing and would be crazy to tell you if I did.


SHERIFF: We can drag you down to the station. People will think you talked even if you donít.


BRINKMAN: Go away. Iím leaving town.


SNOOP: Give us a name and a reason for the purchase and weíll go away.


BRINKMAN: The manís name is Menendez, and he wants to build some kind of animal preserve.


SNOOP: My God! (to Sheriff) Weíve got to hurry.


SHERIFF: What is it?


SNOOP: You wouldnít believe it if I told you. Letís go talk to the Doc. This is right up his alley.



SCENE 11 (the sheriffís office)


JACOBS: (looking over reports and photographs) Iíve never seen anything like it. Sharks donít attack like trained dogs.


SNOOP: Menendez has a way of making things like this happen.


JACOBS:† We have to stop him.


SHERIFF: But where is he?


SNOOP: My guess heís set up operations out on that old military base.


JACOBS: Letís go there.


SNOOP: Itís probably locked up tight.


SHERIFF: I know that place. Itís accessible by water. Come on. Weíll take my boat.


SNOOP: (Sighs) figures



SCENE 12 (on the boat)


SNOOP: (VOICE OVER) As scared as I was, the beauty of the scenery stunned me. My mind was also bent on stopping Menendez and left little room for fear.

Then something banged the side of the boat and the old panic leaped back into my like an electric shock.


SHERIFF: Itís the shark


SNOOP: Kill it before it kills us.


SHERIFF: (trying to aim) Iím trying


JACOBS: (looking through binoculars) Thereís another boat. And a man holding a remote control.


SNOOP: It must be Menendez!


JACOBS: He seems to be laughing


SNOOP: Thatís Menendez


SHERIFF: (fires again and again at the shark, then the shark bursts through the side of the boat grabbing him by the legs)


Help me.


(But he is soon dragged away)


SNOOP: Weíre sinking. We got to abandon ship


JACOBS: Not into the water. I got a raft


SNOOP: Wonít the shark rips right through that?


JACOBS: Not if we reach land first



SCENE 13: (in the raft)


SNOOP: The sharkís coming after us.


JACOBS: Shoot it


SNOOP: (fires point blank into the sharkís face and finally kills it.)


JACOBS: Menendez is escaping.


SNOOP:† Heís headed for the military base Iíll bet. Get on the radio to the coast guard, while I steer this hunk of rubber after him.





SNOOP: (voice over) I was determined to make sure Menendez didnít get away this time, like he had during our previous encounters.

But when we reached shore and climbed the embankment to the old military bunker, I got a bad feeling about everything, and we soon entered a world as strange as any I had encountered before, with strange creatures to either side of us Ė obviously part of Menendezís new plot to take over the world.

Even older fears came into me, not from my near drowning at Coney Island, but the darker fears as a child awake and alone in the dark.


JACOBS: What a place!

††††††††††† †††† These creatures are monstrous in size and many would be deadly to man if a tenth this size.


MENENDEZ: (stepping out from the shadows)

A good point, Dr. Jacobs. But hardly useful in my plans if they were as nature created them. In doing battle with mankind, animals, too, just adapt, and become as powerful as the machines humanity has created.



SNOOP: You wonít get away with this, Menendez!


MENENDEZ: (cocking his head to the sound of approaching helicopters) ††††††† Perhaps not here and now. But eventually. This is not over, Mr. Snoop.


(Menendez slips back into the shadows, the echo of running feet)


JACOBS:† What do we do now? Go after them?


SNOOP:† No, Iím sure heís set a trap for us. We sit here until the good guys arrive and blow all this stuff up


JACOBS:† Blow it up? Are you crazy? This is a scientific marvel?


SNOOP: So was Frankensteinís monster.


JACOB: All right. Can I at least look around before they do?


SNOOP: Look if you want, just donít touch anything.



-- end --





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