You should listen to your mother


Didnít your mother ever tell you not to believe everything you hear?

She knew the truth about people like me, though you and I know youíre a sucker for my kind.

If I was a poet, someone would call me a genius and give me a prize.

Folks would pay me for what I do, rather than me having to take it.

But Iím no genius, just a clever rat in a cage full of rats and if I donít take what you have, someone else will.

Itís simple mathematics.

Just be glad that Iím the kind that cons you into giving me what I want.

Other people might take it with a gun.

And letís face it, you like being conned -- a least a little.

You get a show for your money, and I get to act like I really care about you.

The truth is, I couldnít take anything from you if you didnít figure you were getting something out of the deal.

The people I still from are looking for something for nothing anyway, I just give them nothing for something.

Think of it as a life lesson, something that you can teach your kids

Maybe theyíll listen to you better than you did your mother.


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