Payment due?


Hello, Bill?

Are you there?

This is your wife

You remember the one who cooked your meals, did your laundry, raised your child for all those years.

Iím the one with the big boobs and the foolish notion you ought to be loyal to me.

Youíre payments are late

Donít give me any excuses about youíre being short this mouth.

Iím sure you pay your bookie and your bar tab on time.

Donít groan.

You know itís true.

You also know I have bills of my own to pay.

So youíd better deliver or Iíll have you in court again.

After all, sheís your daughter, too.

And she spends like you as if thatís only trait she inherited.

This is the last time Iím going to call.

I have my lawyerís number right here, and you know how much pleasure he gets from this after all you put him through in high school

He would like nothing better than to see you in jail.

Bill? Do you hear me?

Call me.

You have my number.

Youíd better have my money, too.


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