Setting a bad example


Come on in.

Donít look around.

Iím talking to YOU.

Youíre the only one here, arenít you?

Sit down.

In the chair, stupid.

Do I have to tell you everything?

I know you can barely see me over the lip of my desk.

Just sit and listen.

Itís about time we had this talk.

Stop crying, for Christís sake.

I donít want people in the other offices to think I raked you over the coals before I let you go.

Anybody can tell with your face so red, and theyíll blame me.

I have to work with them after youíre gone. So behave.

I know you have a family.

I know youíre too old to find a new job.

I know youíre deep in debt, but I didnít make you borrow as much as you did.

Maybe I could have paid you more.

But you hardly kept up with the quota as it is.

Donít hand me any crap about me changing the quota when too many people reached it.

You donít hear anybody else complaining do you?

Who? Tell me who?

Why should they be scared of me?

Of course I know they want to keep their jobs, too.

Theyíre the reason I have to let you go.

What kind of example would I set if I let you get away with not meeting your quota when everybody else has to?

Stop crying, Damn it.

I told you, stop crying!

Look on the bright side of things.

You can always collect welfare.



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