Getting Billy upset


Now why did you go and get Billy boy upset?

I know him. Heís worked for me a long time, and heís a mean man when heís upset.

He didnít get those scars on his knuckles tending gold fish.

Sure, heíd hit a woman like you if I told him, too.

What are you doing here anyway?

Donít we have enough problems with the FBI watching us all the time?

We havenít been able to run our store front rackets for weeks.

No, we didnít kill your brother and we donít know who did.

We donít use knives neither, and if we didnít we wouldnít need 40 stabs to kill him.

Just go away.

We canít help it that your brother picked the wrong dive to pick up broads in.

That place is dangerous even for people who know how to fend for ourselves.

Okay, so he had a gun.

Nobody found it.

It probably sank to the bottom of the harbor when the killers dumped his body in it.

Will you please stop crying.

Youíre getting Billy upset, and as I told you, he gets mean when he gets upset.

Go away.

We canít help you and we wouldnít if we could.

Iím not going to rat on no hood, even for you.

Billy, take her out of here before the feds bust in here thinking weíre terrorists torturing her.

Say, lady, why donít you go ask the feds to help you.

They got nothing better to do than bug law abiding citizens like us.

Billy! Did you hear me?

Donít tell me youíre blubbering, too.

Now look what youíve done lady, you got Billy upset.

Get her out of here, Billy, and blow your freaking nose.

All I need is for the boys downtown to see that!

They might knock ME off thinking Iím soft.

And maybe I am Ė soft in the head.


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