Whatís in a memory anyway?


I got this bullet in my head, you see?

I stood up when I should have sat down, and that damned commie sniper hit a bullís eye on my helmet.

I heard the ringing for weeks.

The docs said the lead ricocheted around inside the helmet explaining why I got a dozen wounds from one bullet.

It saved me life.

Had the damned thing gone straight in, Iíd be dead or worse, a vegetable.

Even so, I donít always think straight.

Little things confuse me.

Like my own name.

And whether Iím married or not

Or if my parents are living or dead

Or where they happen to reside.

I keep telling people to contact me at a house I havenít lived in since I was five.

Thatís why they keep me here.

So I donít wander off somewhere and get lost.

It is hard to get back someplace when you canít remember ever being there.

This is hard on my wife and kids.

They have to introduce themselves each time they come for a visit.

I remember their names long enough to say good bye when they got.

I guess they feel pretty bad not having me remember them.

The docs says I might never get better, handing me a lot of mumbo jumbo about long term and short term memory, and about how weird my brain is after so much trauma.

But I remember the war.

I never knew the names of the men I killed.

But I remember their faces.

I know Iíll live with them the rest of my life.

I only wish I could forget.



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