If I donít have Jesus as my friend, I donít have nobody



If I donít have Jesus as my friend, I donít have nobody.

I guess I felt alone ever as a kid when I should have felt overcrowded with every body in my world pushing and shoving.

But you can feel alone even in a crowd.

I didnít know Jesus then.

Only as a name.

Preachers told me I ought to find him when I could hardly find myself.

I got beat up a lot at school.

Girls rejected me.

I didnít take to drugs like some I knew did.

But I liked booze when I could get it.

A bottle on a weekend warmed me when I couldnít find a girl.

So it got to be natural for me to stop for drinks after work when I left school

I became a regular at my tavern.

I never caused any trouble, even when trouble makers egged me on.

I was the quiet guy in the corner ducking the bottles when all hell broke loose.

Then, one day, I just flipped, making up in one night for all the trouble I never caused over the years.

The lawyers in court called it a nervous breakdown.

I donít know what to call it.

I just try to forget.

I hated the drugs the doctors gave me so I gave them up, and started to drink again, only heavier than before, so heavy I had a hard time keeping a job.

I didnít wind up on the street, but I lived in places I didnít like and I smelled bad most of the time.

Then, one cold night, drunk as usual, I stumbled into one of those missions.

I think now Jesus guided my steps to it, though then I thought I was just looking to get warm.

People fed me and prayed at me, and told me I needed Jesus in my life.

Of course, I didnít believe them. Not at first.

But I thought about them later when I got onto another drunk.

A truck hit me when I stumbled into the street.

And I didnít die.

Not a bone broken either.

And thatís when I realized I had been saved.

Even then I didnít quite believe it, at least not all at once.

Something just started to burn in me that the booze wouldnít put out.

I decided to give up drink and turn my life around.

Since then, Jesus has been my best friend.

I talk to Him a lot.

No, life isnít perfect.

But Iím a lot less lonely than I was.

Okay, so maybe you think Iím crazy.

Thatís all right, too.

Some day Jesus will come talk to you

Thatís why Iím preaching at you.

I just donít want you to have to get hit by a truck to find Him, too.




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