Harry’s answer to heartbreak



My uncle Harry offered to suck my dick to help me get over my breakup with Susie.

I had come north to his house for comfort and all he wanted to was hump me.

With spring sprouting up from every crack in the earth, I felt the urge to hump, too,

But with Susie, not Harry, and I knew someone was just then humping her already.

Harry loved me well enough, but had sought to hump me from the day I turned eight years old.

We played hide and seek every Christmas when he was drunk enough to believe my saying no really mean I was playing hard to get.

My seeking solace from my family each time one of my romances failed was a ritual, too.

I would have sought someone other than Harry, but the rest of the family had moved south out of reach, and I got stuck with him.

I guess this was appropriate, since Harry had been on hand the previous spring when my love first blossomed with Susie.

So I imagined he had some insight into what I might be going through and might help me heal.

But the only healing he knew was to hump emotional pain away, repeating the dose as often as necessary until the pain went away.

I liked his house because it was out in the country, where I hoped fresh air would wash Susie out of my memory and my life.

But each bud I saw burst only reminded me of how much I missed Susie and how horny I was without her.

At times during my stay, even Harry’s offer seemed tempting, although I knew in my head that I wanted Susie – a woman and not any man, even someone like Harry, who I knew legitimately loved me.

I slept fitfully, recalling passionate moments with her.

I must have moaned in my sleep because I found Harry hovering above my bed with a hard on, telling me he would make me forget her, at least for a while, if I let him share my bed.

As when I was younger, Harry never took no for an answer.

But I knew he meant well, always associated love with sex.

I knew, too, how much I always disappointed him when I continued to refuse.

All those other boys he took on over the years had always been substitutes in his mind for me.

The same bursting buds I associated with Susie, he associated with me.

And strangely, I realized how similar Harry and I were.

I had made lover to Susie thinking I was giving her love

But I could not make her see my love-making as anything than love-making, and when she moved on, she found love-making elsewhere just the same.

Finally, unable to sleep and heavy with depression, I decided to get drunk.

This was a dreadful mistake since Harry immediately pounced.

Yet as drunk as I was I managed to flee his house, knowing only time and distance would allow me to sober up and Harry to calm down enough to cease pounding on me.

Time and distance, I also knew would let me get over Susie, though I knew down deep it would take a hell of a lot more than a blow job from my uncle to ever make me stop loving her.



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