King of the warehouse?



What I want?

Hell, not much.

Mostly I want a break from all the BS of working for a tyrant boss

Iím tired of hearing him yell at me all day as if Iím not working when I am.

While he sits in the back of his office like a little king doing nothing at all.

Maybe I should have looked for another job long ago.

But that scene always embarrasses me, having to kiss up to some new boss during the interview.

I donít make a lot of money now; but I know Iíll made no money at all if the boss finds out Iím looking elsewhere and fires me.

All this changes of course when I walk into his office one day and hear him whispering over the phone to somebody about collecting a shipment of stolen stereos from a downtown warehouse.

I knew business is bad, but this opens my eyes to how bad.

Then I get an idea.

I start being nice to the boss, a real kiss ass that caused him to look at me real funny and ask what the hell is wrong with me.

I tell him I turned over a new leaf.

He tells me thatís bullshit.

At lunch time, I buy him a ham-and-cheese sandwich off the truck, when I know that happens to be his favorite.

He looks at me even queerer after that.

He demands to know what Iím up to.

I shrug then ask him if I can borrow the van for the weekend, something I have done more than once before.

He gets that ďha haĒ look in his eyes and barks no at me.

The next day I really lay it on, telling him all the things Iím going to do that I usually never get around to doing.

He tells me not to bother since I wonít get use of the van no matter how nice I am.

Later, he looked stunned when he stumbles out of his office to find all the work done anyway.

I think he even smiles although that may be just a rumor.

Anyway, the next day I lay on the full court press to borrow the van.

Heís in the lunch room staring at the wall as if he canít hear a word Iím saying.

Heís so deep in thought he might as well be sleeping.

When he blinks and sees me, he looks confused.

He says he was planning to fire me, but changed his mind because of how much Iíve changed.

Then I ask again for the van.

He nods, then tells me I have to make a pick up first Ė from a downtown warehouse.

I agree, knowing that on money morning everything will be different.

Iím not only going to get a rise, but I might even sit back in the office like a king.

After all, how can my boss fire the guy he just asked to rip off a warehouse downtown?


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