The Ring

(Monologue for my new film)


SCENE 1: Theme and sailing ship


SCENE 2: The Beach


I came to this place every year

Bearing the same pathetic offering

A cheesy plastic ring we won that year we sailed around the cape

The vast sea was always filled with the echoes of my wife’s passing

Since her death, the tides of my life were out of touch with the day to day world in which I lived.

Here alone, I felt remotely connected

As if my wife’s spirit danced on the tip of each incoming wave

Here along I could still recall a time when we still felt hope.


SCENE 3: Whale wall


She always loved the sea

Poking her nose into its amazing scents

Searching out its rippled surface for the dolphins she craved.


SCENE 4: The Boat


Perhaps I even sensed doom that day we boarded the boat for our three hour tour.




The huge landscape made everything seem small and insignificant.

All of us struggling against impossible odds to survive.


SCENE 6: Passage 1


Even as she sat at my side she was full of secret cancer

I was too happy to notice




I thought she was happy, too.

Yet she took in the sights as if she expected never to see them again.

We both felt the magic

In and around us.



SCENE 8: The dolphins


When the dolphins arrived

The waves came alive with their dance

They seem to welcome us – particularly her – into their delightful society



SCENE 9: The ring


I took our winning the ring as a good omen


SCENE 10: The clouds


Though I did sense dark clouds rolling over our lives as if over the moon or sun.





The seat seemed cold and angry

But I could not say why



SCENE 12: The ruins


I wish I had recognized the other signs, such as the sunken ship

And the church for perished sailors





When she found the dying butterfly on the sand

Something seemed to die inside her as well.



SCENE 14: The fading


I believe now I caught then

The scene of a ghostly presence

Spirits waiting in the waves to carry her away.





Now, I return here each year to seek out her spirit at sunrise

Looking for signs of dolphins

I know keep her company

I hope this year they will accept my offering

So that I might join her finally

Dancing on the waves



SCENE #16:


Theme and fade



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