Ending up like Bob


Donít tell me youíre scared?

If Bob can do it anybody can.

And you canít say you ainít curious about what weíll find when we get there.

Sure, Bob did it.

I got witnesses who saw him do it.


Tommy Jenkins for one.

Lou Parks for another.

They went half way up with him and watched him go the rest of the way up before they turned back.

They say heís a natural at it, a regular spider clinging to stone walls like he had hooks at the end of each finger instead of nails.

Sure, he slipped a few times.

Thatís only to be expected with all the ice that high up.

He had something driving him so he recovered each time.

I guess he needed to see what was up there Ė if there was truth to any of the rumors we all heard.

Iíve always admired that guy for hits guts and his willingness to go places and see things most folks wonít.

But he isnít as special as most people make him out to be.

I figure if he can get up there and look around, so can we Ė if weíre careful.

We donít need to be no Spiderman as long as we carry what we need.

I know youíre scared.

I know itís not just the heights or the ice or even the fear of slipping.

Yes, I know people say when they found Bob later he didnít die of the fall.

Your body doesnít get turned inside out like that from hitting rocks no matter how far you fall.

Thatís why we need to go.

We need to see what Bob saw and get back here to tell everybody that the rumors are true.

No, I wouldnít go if I thought the same thing might happen to us.

Whereís your spirit of adventure?

Donít you want to know whatís going on up there?

Donít you think we ought to know?

No, I canít go alone

No, Tom and Lou wonít go with me.

They seem to think they escaped something they donít want to encounter again.

Why you?

Thatís easy.

Youíre the only guy who hasnít said no.

And I need you with me.

After all, I donít want to end up like Bob.


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