Sam Snoop and the city of God 2

(The is pretty much how I thought Crystal Skull was going to go from hints about the script I got back in December.))


SCENE 1: Warehouse – day -- 2007



FEMFATAL with armed Russian agents nudges at gun point Doc into the warehouse filled with boxes, pausing before one box.


FATAL: This is the box?






            Open it.


(hands with crowbars open the box to reveal the face of a space alien. Fatal flicks open a knife then cuts into the face to the skull inside.


            We have it!

            Where is the book?



            Somewhere you will never find it.



            The boy and the woman?

            Where are they?



SCENE 2: outside in the desert


MARY and DIRT are running through military buildings. Mary, breathless, can barely keep up with Dirt. She thrusts a book sized package into his hands)



            Doc said to give you this. He doesn’t want them to have it.



            His book?



            Go find, Sam Snoop. He’ll help you.



            But mom, I can’t leave you.



            You must.


(Dirt flees as the Russians catch up with Mary/)



SCENE 3: Streets of the East Village, building, glass door with Sam Snoop’s name on it – Day


(Sam with an empty bottle of vodka and several shot glasses punches the answering machine. Mary’s voice comes over it.



            Sam Snoop.

            Where the hell is my alimony?

            Or do I have to wait until Ronald Reagan leaves office?

            If you don’t want me to call the sheriff, you’d better put a check in the mail


On his desk, newspapers show headlines:


Top secret base invaded by terrorist

Local professor implicated in terrorist plot


(a knock comes on the door – two federal agents come in)


MAN #1:

            Homeland Security


MAN #2:

            We need to talk to you.


SAM (seated at his desk)

            What about?


MAN #1:

            Your friend, Doctor Rodgers and your ex wife


MAN #2:

            They appear to have worked with the Russians to steal one of our top secret weapons.


SAM: (sits up)

            You’re crazy.

            My ex-wife has been dead for more than ten years and I haven’t seen the Doc for longer than that.           


MAN #1

            We have pictures:


(He dumps several security camera photos on Sam’s desk



MAN #2

            That is your ex-wife and the doctor?



            I don’t believe this.

            These must be fake


MAN #1:

            I assure you, Mr. Snoop, they are not fakes.


MAN #2:

            And we are here to warn you if you hear from either of them, you must let us know.



SCENE #4: The university – day


(Sam is seated before the desk of the university president)



            I’m afraid we can’t help you, Mr. Snoop.

            We don’t know where he went and frankly we don’t care

            We’ve severed our connections to Dr. Rodgers.



SCENE 5: outside on the university campus – day


(Sam looks behind to see dark shapes following him. He runs. They chase him. Dirt on a motorcycle pulls up)



            Hop on, Mr. Snoop


(Sam does, the motorcycle takes off, leaving the men in the dust)



SCENE 6: The soda shop – Day


(Sam and Dirt are seated at a table with the contents of the package  -- a book in front of them Dirt – punked out – combs his hair.




            My mother said I should look you up. That you would help me.



            You’re mother is Mary? My ex-wife?



            My father was a British flyer. He died in Desert Storm 1991.



            I thought she was dead, too.

            Do you know where she is?



            No, but I know where they might be headed  - they have to bring the skull back to the Lost City

            The book tells us how to get there.

            Doc knows how to get there and if the Russians get it out of him, that’s where they’ll head.



SCENE 7: Airport – day


(Sam and Dirt settled into airplane seats. A suspicious character sits a few seats behind them, but they don’t see her. We see a red line on a map from New York to Peru)


SCENE 8: Village -- Daylight


(Sam speaks with some of the villagers then comes back to Dirt as they head in the direction of an old church—someone follows them)



            The Russians were here, all right.

            Doc apparently escaped for a while. When they caught up with him, he was hiding in the cellar of the old church


SCENE 9: church cellar:


(Sam and Dirt are looking over the floor and walls where Doc scrawled strange symbols)



            Doc must have gone crazy.



            Crazy like a fox.

            These are directions, written in a dead language he knew I would understand.



SCENE: 10: Grave yard – dusk


(Dirt leads Sam to a crypt where they are attacked by savages who apparently guard the tomb. Sam and Dirt fight them off, then Dirt leads Sam to where the skull is)


SAM: (holding it up)

            This is the world’s most powerful weapon?



            That’s what Doc says.

            The Americans found the space alien in 1947, but didn’t realize what they had, even though Roswell scientists worked on it for decades.

            Doc put things together from clues he got from ancient South American tests. Pre-Spanish races apparently had dealings with aliens.

            Doc figured the knowledge was too dangerous for any government to had, and tries to keep it quiet.

            But the Russians got wind of it and grabbed us.



            So how did the Skull end up here?



            Doc must have grabbed it when he ran, and hid it before the Russians found him again in the village.



            Which means the Russians are going to want to get it back.

            We’d better find a better hiding place before the Russians find us.



            There’s no better hiding place than the lost city, providing we can find it.



SCENE 11: the jungle – twilight


(Sam and Dirt are traveling through the jungle when they are pursued. They get separated in their flight.

Sam – who is carrying the skull – is captured by the Russians.



            Very helpful for you to find this for us, Comrade


Dirt, who has the book, is captured a short time later, by Americans


SCENE 12: The tent: night


(Sam is tied to a chair as Fatal walks around him)



            We need to know where the book is?



            I haven’t got a clue, lady.



            It is not so important. We have the skull

            You will help us extract the information from the doctor that our torture was unable to collect.


(guards bring in Mary and Doc)


MARY: (to Sam)

            This is some rescue, Sam.



            After not seeing you for almost 20 years, what else would you expect



            The sky is falling, the heat is hot.



            Sam! You are here!

            Look what they’ve done to Doc.

            They tortured him so much, all he can do is talk in riddles no one can understand.



            I’m supposed to figure out where the Lost City is from that?



            You will, if we can not find the boy and the book. If you were the jungle, he must there, too.

            We will search for him


(FATAL and guards exit the tent)



            So what do we do now, Sam?



            No time for talk. Help untie me. We need to escape. The boy is out there in the woods somewhere and we’d better find him before the Russians do


MARY: (working on the knots)

            It’s good to see you, too, Sam.



            I thought you only said that when I had your alimony.

            You’re supposed to be dead



            That was Doc’s idea.

            He took us in after my husband died.

            He had reached a dangerous point in his research and thought we would be safer if people thought we were dead.



            You could have told me.



            I thought you hated me, Sam


SAM: (Finally free)

            I never hated you, Mary.

            Now lets get that skull


(Sam sneaks into the other tent, grabs the skull, and Mary, Sam and Doc flee into the woods)



SCENE 13 – The woods/jungle – day


(Sam, Mary and Doc travel along a path. They are confronted by American soldiers and the GENERAL who throw the three of them into the back of a truck with Dirt)



They got the book



            Oh great. We just gave George W. Bush the ultimate weapons



            We need to get the skull



            The question is how?


(The Russians attack and in the conflict, Sam, Dirt, Doc and Mary flee, Sam grabbing the skull from a fallen soldier)



SCENE 14: Jungle  -- Day


(Mary, Doc, Dirt and Sam are walking along the jungle path, gun fire still going on in the distance)



            So what do we do now?



            We go find the Lost City



            Without the book?



            We don’t need the book, we have Doc.



            The problem is we can’t understand him.



            I can.



SCENE 15: the mountain with the temple on top: day light



(Guided by Doc’s riddles, the four of them make their way into the lost city and through the passage, slipping by the traps until they reach the scared chamber.)



            This is it?

            The skull goes there.

(Dirt points to a small arched chamber along the wall. There are 12 others each with a skull in them, this one is the only one empty)


(Fatal and the Russians enter the chamber)



            Not so fast.

            Give us the skull.

            Only we know how to tap its power


(Helicopters appear over the wall of the temple with an American on a PA telling them to leave the skull, that a nuclear bomb has been activated)



            They want to destroy it?



            It’s better than letting you have it.

            America does not like being second best at anything.


(Sam, Doc, Mary and Dirt flee as Fatal advances and grabs the skull, her eyes aglow with its growing power)



(comes to a halt outside the temple near a tilted stone coffin)

            We’re not going to make it off the mountain in time.

            Climb in.

(The four climb into the stone coffin and just get the lid closed when the mountain top and the temple explodes, the coffin sliding down the mountain side only to stop far below on the bank of a river. The four climb out and stare back at the mushroom cloud on the mountain top. Above it, a space ship rises into the sky and disappears.


DOC: (who seems to have recovered from his torture a little)

            They are going home.


SAM: (Waving towards the American helicopters)

            So should we.



            There’s something you should know, Sam.

            Dirt is your son.



            My dad was a fighter pilot.



            He was your step-dad.

            You were born before we were married.



            My son?

            How is that possible?



            You remember that night we tried to heal old wounds.


SAM: (still waving at the helicopters)

            Oh Christ!

            Now you’re going to want child support as well as alimony.



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