Do gold diggers cry?


Just when I think we have everything settled, Louise goes and pulls the rug out from under me.

We’re sitting in the Laundromat on Highland Boulevard four blocks south of the famous Chinese theater and she starts to cry.

I want to kill her, but I can’t cause I really do love her.

Why on earth would I have come to far and done so much if I didn’t?

The stolen money hidden back in our apartment closet is only a small part of it.

I needed to escape my family anyway.

But I miss my friends, and would have dragged them with me west if I could have.

Louise misses her life, and her lovers – other than me – rich men who no longer want her because they think she’s a gold digger, a girl who loves men for their money.

And I wonder if she’s with me because of mine and what happens when the money runs out?

Maybe that’s why she’s crying, wondering about the same thing.

But do gold diggers cry?

Especially when they still have everything they ask for?

She keeps saying she ought to go back and pick up the pieces of her broken life meaning the men – other than me.

Easy for her, I think as I get up and dump more coins in the dryer, scared to leave this place, scared to think she might leave the minute we get back, and ask me to pay the bus fare.



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