Bail out

(script to a mini film)



ESTABISH: Exterior of a bank


Master shot: Side view of banker seated at desk


Front medium shot of him counting money



††††††††††† One for you


Shot of his hand dropping money onto pile AIG


Front shot of banker



††††††††††† One for you


Shot of hand puling money on pile for GM


Front shot of Banker

††††††††††† One for you


Shot of hand putting money down on pile marked Wall Street


Cross cut shot to bank exterior and Poor Man standing outside the door.


Close up of him looking at papers

Shot of foreclosure notice

Close shot of his worried face looking toward other hand

Close up a picture of his family.


Rear Shot of him entering the bank

Shot of him approaching the desk pov banker


Solo shot of banker:



††††††††††† Can I help you.


Solo shot of the poor man who shows the foreclosure notice



††††††††††† Iíve come to see about my mortgage


Reverse shot of banker receiving the notice, looking at it, sharking his head


††††††††††† Iím afraid I canít help you


Shot of him dropping the mortgage and notice on the pile marked AIG


Solo shot of poor man pulling out his wallet, fumbling to get out a credit card.



††††††††††† But I thought I might pay for it with this.


Close up shot of the credit card as poor man hands it towards the banker

Shot of banker receiving the card, looking at it, and shaking his head.



††††††††††† Iím afraid this wonít do.


Shot of the card dropping into the pile marked ďWall Street.Ē


Shot of poor man pulling out his car keys



††††††††††† What about my car?

††††††††††† I can give you that to cover the mortgage


Presents keys towards banker


Shot of banker receiving the keys, then again shaking his head.



††††††††††† Sorry.


Shot of keys dropping into the pile marked GM


Shot of banker again



††††††††††† Is that all you have?


Close up of poor man into fade


Shot of him standing with a sign in front of him saying ďI beg for food) fade


Shot of his face



††††††††††† No,† thatís not all


Medium shot of him fumbling in his pockets again, this time coming up with a gun which he points at the banker


Reverse of gun aimed at the banker and his reaction


Shot of arm grabbing up the money from the three piles.


Shot of poor man seen from exterior of bank as alarm goes off





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