The young fool is out here somewhere.

I donít know where.

I donít even know his name

But I remember the look on his face

when he stood over that body in the saloon,

Pistol still smoking in his hand.

He kept saying, ďThis isnít my fault.Ē

I didnít see it that way

and told him as much

when I went to arrest him.

He said he didnít want to kill no lawman

and told me to get out his way.

Since he had the drop on me, I did.

But I knew I would have to come after him later

Only he didnít leave right away.

He said he wanted the dead manís boots

and he put a couple of bullets in the floor until he got them.

These werenít newer boots or better boots than most men wear.

But when that boy left

he had the boots clutched in one hand and his gun in the other.

Maybe the circuit judge will see things his way

when I bring the boy back for trial.

Maybe the other witnesses saw it all better than I did.

Maybe the only reason Iím even out here

is to find out why he took those damned boots.



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