A familiar face

(next video project)


I knew the minute I saw her

behind the teller window

that I had seen her before.

But I was so down and out,

I couldn’t recall from where.

So put my hand in my pocket

and waited my turn on line.

Yet I kept looking at her,

trying to remember where I’d seen her before.

She wasn’t pretty.

She was a mousey woman with a hooked nose,

a slanted mouth and eyes bloated by thick glasses.

She was still counting when I got up to her window

 and she help up a hand for me to wait.

Then she asked me how I was doing.

I was tempted to tell her.

But that is the stuff for bartenders and head shrinkers.

So I told her I was thinking about moving back to Denver.

Her eyes got so big I knew she recognized me.

I headed for the door,

grabbing for the gun in my pocket,

just in case she raised alarm.

Like she did last time

-- in Denver.

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