Itís your time



SCENE 1† Daytime Ė department store


ETAB:† exterior of a department story


††††††††††† Interior of store and shoppers


MASTER:† Over the shoulder of a woman of Rick standing behind a counter


RICK: Look lady,

††††††††††† I donít deal in cosmetics.

††††††††††† Itís not my department.


shot of Rick making his way down the aisle to door.


Over the shoulder of a fellow worker shot of Rick at door and various other shots Ė solo close, mid-shot


RICK: Iíve gotta get out of this place before they drive me crazy.

††††††††††† So Iím going home early.

††††††††††† If the boss asks, tell him, Iím not feeling well

††††††††††† Which is the truth.

††††††††††† Iíve had an uneasy feeling since I got here this morning



SCENE 2: Exterior of store day time


Rick is walking against the flow of people

Rich walking towards an apartment building

Close up of him looking troubled, and around at the street as if he senses something wrong.

He comes to the apartment building then climbs the steps

He comes down the hall

Then stops at a door and gets out his keys

He looks down

A light shows under the door.

Reaction shot of him looking alarmed.

Shot of opening door as seen †from inside

Shot of door closing from outside.

Shot of Rick over the shoulder of DEATH then a slow pan to reveal Deathís hooded face.

Solo shot of Rick

RICK: How the hell did you get in here.


Reverse shot of death over Rickís shoulder


DEATH: I have my ways.


A two shot from side with Rick standing, death seated.


RICK: With the windows and doors all locked?



Reverse over Rickís shoulder of death


DEATH: Locks do not hinder me.


Solo shot of Rick


RICK: †Are you here to rob me?


Reverse of Rick over Deathís shoulder


††††††††††† I donít have much to steal


Two shot from side of Rick and Death


††††††††††† Iím only a department store clerk


Reverse of Death over Rickís shoulder


DEATH: I am not here to rob you.


Reverse of Rick


RICK: Then maybe you should get out of here


Solo shot of Rick


††††††††††† Before I call the police


Reverse of Death over Rickís shoulder


DEATH: Iíll leave when my purpose is done


Reverse of Rick


RICK: Which is?


Reverse of Death:

DEATH: To collect you


Solo of Rick


RICK:† What the hell does that mean?


Solo of Death


DEATH:† It is your time.


Solo of Rick

RICK: Are you saying youíve come here to kill me?


Side two shot of Rick and Death


††††††††††† I know Iíve been a bit testy with customers lately, sending them to hardware when they wanted lingerie


Reverse of Rick over Deathís shoulder


††††††††††† But thatís no reason for my boss to hire a hit man.


Reverse of death:


DEATH: I do not kill people


Solo of Death:

††††††††††† I simply collect the dead.


Reverse of Rick over Deathís shoulder


RICKĒ But Iím not dead


Reverse of Death


DEATH: Sometimes the dead do not know they are already dead.


Solo of Rick:


RICK: For Christís sake


Two shot from side


††††††††††† Iím only middle aged


Reverse of Rick over Deathís shoulder


††††††††††† Iím too young to die


Reverse of Death over Rickís shoulder


DEATH: Death must take young or old without prejudice.


Reverse of Rick:


RICK:† Iím not ready yet


Two shot from side


††††††††††† I havenít won the lottery.


Solo of Rick


††††††††††† Or bought a mansion in Beverley Hills


Reverse of death over Rickís shoulder:


DEATH:† No one is prepared for death


Two shot from side as Death rises from the chair.


††††††††††† But youíre time has come


Solo shot of Rick as deathís shadow falls over him and a hand appears reaching for him from off screen.


††††††††††† Come along


Two shot from side with Rick patting his pockets


RICK:† Just hold your horses


Solo shot of Rick


††††††††††† I canít find my keys.


Reverse of Death


DEATH:† You have no need of keys


Reverse of Rick


RICK: Damn you


Solo of Rick


††††††††††† I need time to think


Reverse of Rick over Deathís shoulders


††††††††††† Iím so confused


Reverse of Death


DEATH:† We have no time


Two shot from the side


††††††††††† I have others to collect


Reverse of Rick


RICK: †Being dead takes some getting use to


Reverse of Death


DEATH:† You will have an eternity to adjust to the situation


Reverse of Rick


RICK: †Okay, Okay


Side two shot


††††††††††† Can you tell me where Iím going?


Solo shot of Rick:


††††††††††† Heaven or that other place?


Reverse of Death over Rickís shoulder


DEATH:† Sorry


Solo shot of Death


††††††††††† Thatís not my department




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